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    Tourist Visa for Employed/Self-Employed/Retired

    A Tourist Visa To France For Employed/Self-Employed Or A Retired Requires The Applicant To Produce Necessary Documents Stating The Status In Employment And Other Proofs To Substantiate The Income.

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    Tourist Visa for Spouse or dependent

    A Tourist Visa To France Sought By The Spouse Of The UK National Requires The Applicant To Produce Certain Specific Documents Of His/Her Spouse Along With General Documents Which An Applicant Is Required To Furnish.

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    Tourist Visa for Student

    A Tourist Visa To France For Students Requires An Applicant To Furnish Certain Education Documents From The UK School Or University Along With The General Documents.

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    Tourist Visa for Children less than 18 years of age

    A Tourist Visa Application To France By The Applicant Who Is Under The Age Of 18 Requires Certain Documents From The Parents/Guardian Along With General Documents Which Are Required For A French Visa.

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