Document Required

Document Required

The documents that you submit with your France Schengen Visa Application hold importance as they can help you to easily get your France visa approved from the French Embassy/Consulate. Inadequate or Improper documentation will most likely lead to rejection of the application by the French Embassy.

Filling the France Schengen Visa Application Form properly is very crucial for applicants who want to obtain a France Visa in a hassle-free manner.

Our visa experts provide all the necessary French Visa Requirements to the applicants so that they can avoid any unnecessary delay or hassle in procuring France visa from the Consulate.

If you are living in the UK as a student (Education), for work (Employment) or as a spouse of a UK National (Dependent/Spouse) and want to visit France for holidaying, education or business purposes then you will be required to furnish adequate & accurate documents as requested by the French embassy.

“Providing the necessary documents requested by the French embassy will minimize the chances of rejection, accelerates the visa processing and help you get your France visa on time!”

Online France Schengen Visa provides you the latest information about rules & guidelines laid out by the embassy and professional guidance for a smooth Visa processing.

The general documents required by the French Embassy/Consulate to process the submitted France Schengen Visa Applications is mentioned below.

Note: The Visa Documents requirements may vary from case to case & the type of applicant.

  • 1. Valid Passport

You need to present an Original and valid passport issued in the last 10 years from the date of application. A coloured copy of the page stating the applicant’s personal details & photographs should be submitted. The passport should contain at least “2 blank” pages.

  • 2. Recent Photographs

The Applicant is required to attach 2 coloured passport-size photographs to the Visa Application form. The photographs should be recent & not older than 3 months from the date of application.

  • 3. Proof of Transportation

You need to present proof of travel bookings to and from France in the form of flight/train/bus/ferry tickets. A specific set of documents can be required by the Consulate if the applicant’s travel is materialized by a car.

  • 4. Proof of Accommodation

The applicant should present a rental agreement or confirmed hotel bookings in order to assure the Embassy that means of accommodation for every single night that is to be spent in France is met.

In case, the applicant will be staying at a relative’s or friend’s place in France, then an original “Attestation accursed” is to be produced & presented at the Consulate.

  • 5. Proof of Income/ Sustenance

The Applicant of French Visa is required to produce & present proof of sufficient personal means of sustenance, covering the entire duration of stay in France.

  • 6. Marriage Certificate

In case, a France Visa Applicant is a dependent Spouse of UK national, then he/she needs to submit a Civil Marriage Certificate at the Embassy. The certificate should be officially translated into English or French (if applicable).

  • 7. Travel Insurance

The French Visa Applicant from the UK is required to provide an original document or a copy of the travel insurance certificate from the French Consulate. The insurance should have a minimum coverage of at least 30,000 EUR & include emergency medical & repatriation expenses. Still have queries related to the requirements of your France Schengen Visa? Feel free to contact us anytime. Or simply place a request for a callback & our Visa experts will get back to you.

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