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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are broad wordings that represent set of laws defining the coalitionof Online France Schengen Visa with the customers for the provision of visa services.

Online France Schengen Visasss is a non-dependent organization with a void associationwith France government, consulate or embassy in every aspect. We act as a third partyconnecting the tourists with the visa issuance governing authority such as government,consulate or embassy. If you wish to apply for a Online France Schengen Visa online byway of our services you must resolutely trust in and concur to all the set laws affirmedbeneath.

Online France Schengen Visa is subjected towards making a change in the terms andconditions page without displaying any forth or following information regarding thechange.


All fees and payments made in favor of Online France Schengen Visa are bound by the termsdefined below:

  • All Visa consultation and urgent visa appointment related payments and fees paid infavor of Online France Schengen Visa are subjected to non-refundable type. Hence, weemploy our extended efforts to ensure that the required documents are checkedthoroughly before the submissions. We do not guarantee quick allocation of Visa ordesignated lengths of the issuance period as it resolutely lies in the decision madeby the embassy or consulate. The duration of the visa allocation process dependsupon embassy’s decision. They can reject any application based on their unbiasedjudgment without any justification post rejection.
  • The appointment booking charges are not included in the fee that is payable to theembassy at the time of application submissions. Online France Schengen Visa is freeto make change in the appointment booking charges with or without any forthnotification.
  • Online France Schengen Visa has rights reserved in agreement to accept, accomplishand conclude (in the middle of the procedure) an application. We can freely rejectany case or application in particular.
  • You are subjected towards terminating the agreement with us at any time. We areentitled to the payment for the attempt we have made regarding your case. The momentyour appointment is confirmed, you are not at liberty to hoist any refund request.
  • The Regulations facilitate tourists with an extended period for distant agreements.Tourists have 14 days period from the date on the receipt of the services. However,tourists are bound to pay the nominal amount that was spent during the applicationprocedure.
  • Appointment once scheduled can be changed / cancelled at any moment. However, youare subjected to pay £25 to seek for re-appointment or re-scheduling yourappointment.
  • If the applicant somehow fails to attend the interview on the appointment date, he/she are bound to pay an additional charge for rearranging the appointment. We arenot subjected to give assurance on next day appointments.
Note: As per the conditions mentioned at The Consumer Contracts (information,cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013 , the information required inSchedule 2 in relation to cancellation rights may be given in accordance with the modelinstructions on cancellation which are set out in Part A of Schedule 3. This is howevernot mandatory, but if the trader supplies these instructions he will be treated ashaving complied with his obligations in this respect.
  • The decision on your application is resolutely dependent on the consulate and isbeyond Online France Schengen Visa’s power. We do not have the ability to influenceany Embassy or government department.
  • Hence, we cannot be held liable for such a choice, should it not be what the clientrequested. This includes, but is not limited to one's eligibility for a visa, visavalidity, type, number of entries, etc.
  • By submitting your application to Online France Schengen Visa for processing, youbelieve in all the necessities and limitations on liability set forth herein andspecifically agree and confirm that Online France Schengen Visa shall not be heldliable to you for any failure to obey the necessary visa necessities for yourjourney, for the action or inaction of any government body and/or for theperformance by any third party such as delivery companies.
  • Online France Schengen Visa entrusts customers of their documents’ safety. However,Online France Schengen Visa cannot be held responsible for the loss of documentsthat are not in Online Online France Schengen Visa's possession. This includes, butis not limited to documents in transit with a third party delivery service/ Courieror submitted to a consulate.
  • Also we do not hold any legal responsibility for loss or damage of documents underthe influences of natural or man-made calamities, war, strikes, weather conditionsetc.
  • At the time of making your request for appointment you are not liable to provide anyof your documents by post or in person at our billing address. If you send any ofyour documents without leaving any precedent information with our customer supportstaff then our company mustn’t be held accountable in case any courier is rejectedby us.
  • We do not hold the responsibility for delay in your travel arrangements oraccommodation or any claims for consequential loss if you do not get your visa ontime as per your scheduled date of travel. Each case is reviewed separately at thetime of application, and no guarantee can be given for visa allocation.
  • Appointment charges once paid cannot be returned / refunded under any circumstances. However, you can reschedule your appointment by paying nominal price.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to cancel your request after paying the fee online then you are subjected to avail a refund of 50% of your amount.
  • Once the appointment is booked then we are unable to offer you any refund because that appointment could not be used for any other applicant.
  • Refunds will not be issued for the appointments cancelled due to ongoing Coronavirus Outbreak. However, the customers may avail another Visa Appointment with the Embassy once the lock-down is lifted.

If you still have any query in relation with the visa issuance procedure, we are happy tohelp you in attaining a resolution for your query. For that you are free to contact us at

*Express Appointment Booking – The express appointment booking solely depends on the cancellation of the pre-booked appointments. In case we receive any appointment cancellation for a particular date, we will make attempts to get your appointment booked. However, we cannot guarantee you an appointment on your preferred date, but, we assure you a date earlier than the dates allotted by the Visa Center usually.

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